Saturday, 30 December 2017


Wasn't going out this morning but as soon as the weatherman told me it would be fine and sunny by mid morning I grabbed the camera and set off to Marsh Lane hoping to see the 3 Bramblings others had seen recently.

I soon caught up with a flock of Linnets that were settling down on a few bushes near the crop field but they were very nervy and never lingered long.In this shot you might be able to spot a Brambling flying in.

I managed a few distant shots of one of the Bramblings that was hanging out with the Linnets.

By this time the forecast sunny weather was in fact very gloomy weather.It was not cold but very windy.I was pleased in these conditions to get a couple of half decent Brambling shots before yet again they flew off.

The reason why everything on the reserve was very nervy was this chap.

Things went downhill then it got even more gloomy and the wind was blowing my hat off all the time.I did get a distant shot of the Linnet flock (50+) but can you see a Brambling among them ? Also I got a closer shot of one of the Linnets and I think another shot of a Brambling this one was high up in the Oak tree.

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