Monday, 16 April 2018


Felt adventurous this morning so I went over to Upton Warren to try and see the Glossy Ibis that had been seen there for a few days now.I was not too confident as it had been said to be "Flighty and elusive" .

Had bad news straightaway when a birder I met along the path to the main hide said "The Ibis flew high to the west at 9.00 AM.Looks like it has gone". OH Dear ! ! I said much worse though as I entered the hide.

Had the main hide to myself and kept myself busy with shots of the Avocets and of the Little Ringed Plovers.

After a half hour a I was joined by a cheerful couple and a serious birder.The woman soon claimed she had seen something interesting in the distant reeds to the front right of the hide but after another half hour no one else could get onto it.Then just as I got a glimpse of a long bill in the reeds the serious birder confirmed that the Glossy Ibis was indeed still on site. Yipppeee ! !

In the next 90 minutes all I got was a couple of glimpses of it's head as it slowly headed right along the reeds in front of the fence line.Then I had some luck because for some reason I checked well to the left of where it had last been seen and there it was.Still a long way off and it was a bit gloomy but it was in the open. Couldn't get any decent shots but I was chuffed to have seen it.

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