Friday, 27 April 2018


Cetti's Warblers are cracking birds and are one of my favourites but they are a devil to get a decent shot of. 

We are lucky at Marsh Lane because for the last year or two there has been at least one on site all through the year.The best plan of attack I've found is to discover the circuit it follows then pick one spot and wait till it arrives there.You have to be very patient which I find hard to be.

The trouble is they are a very skulking birds that sing out loudly deep in cover.You might get a glimpse before it flies off.This is the only chance you get to dash off a shot.

Yesterday at Marsh Lane it was illustrated what further problems you can expect to come across when trying for a shot.Twigs in the way ,bird facing the wrong way and gloomy conditions inside the bush.Here are some good examples of this.Mind you always tremendous fun try to get a decent shot.

This is the only shot I got of it in the open.

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