Saturday, 7 April 2018


The sun was shining Thursday morning so off I shot to Marsh Lane getting there not long after 8.00 AM.

As often happens when it's bright and ideal for getting decent shots there isn't much about to point the camera at and it proved just to be that on Thursday.The only success I had was in the back gate coppice where a couple of Chiffchaffs were busy feeding high up in the trees.Great fun trying to get shots.Here are some of the better ones. 

Went again on Friday morning getting there at 9.00 AM but the promised brightness did not turn up and it was gloomy with a strong cool breeze.

There were 10 Herring Gulls on the CP pool a pretty good number for Marsh Lane.

On the RW pool I found a pair of Redshanks among the mass of BH Gulls.

Best find for ages was when 3 Curlews dropped onto one of the islands on the CP pool.Pity about the gloomy weather but great to see.Pretty rare at Marsh Lane. 

They didn't stay long and had flown off North after only 5 minutes.Only myself and Pete Scraggs were lucky enough to see them.

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