Thursday, 10 May 2018


Not been out much lately as I've been hit by a virus.Started last Friday with a sore throat quickly followed by a cough so bad it's usually associated with aging coal miners.

Like a fool I couldn't resist the sunshine on Monday morning and went down to Marsh Lane.I didn't stay long as I felt pretty grim and I soon found out you cannot take shots if you are coughing.There was nothing new around.Like an even bigger fool I went down again on Tuesday morning and stayed even shorter there as I still felt grim and again it was very quiet.

The only shots I managed were of a Common Tern coming back with breakfast for it's mate and of a LBB Gull being chased by it's mates after the food (a chick I think) it had caught.

Woke up yesterday morning to find I'd gone deaf in my right ear.The doctor told me the virus had now infected my ear.Whilst waiting for my prescription to be dealt with at the chemists in Knowle I popped into the churchyard to look for Goldcrests.

Luckily I found one straightaway in a Larch tree that over the years Goldcrests have liked.Good job I saw one so quickly because I usually find them by their call but as one ear was out of action I could not hear in stereo and therefore could not locate their position.

Got a few shots even though the bird favoured the inside of the tree most of the time.No keepers but as usual great fun even with one ear trying to get shots.

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