Thursday, 3 May 2018


Made a big mistake on Wednesday when I went to Marsh Lane lunchtime thinking the rain was over.It wasn't and I got soaked.

Did manage a few Med Gull flight shots.

A Lapwing was looking after her chicks in front of oak hide.

Went down again early this morning getting there at 8.00 AM.The weather was much brighter.Got a shot of an adult Med Gull.

Ben Dolan the ringer was on site and he had caught a Grasshopper Warbler so as soon as I heard I raced back to the car park.Well they are one of my favourite birds.Here are a few shots now all I've got to do is get one "in the wild".

I don't often find birds myself but I did this morning when I found my first Wheatear of the year on the crop field.It started off a long way off and went even further away.No decent shots then but great to find one.

Ended up in the CP hide trying for Common Tern flight shots.

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