Saturday, 30 March 2019


It was very pleasant Thursday morning so in line with my current birding plans to go locally I drove the couple of miles to Brueton Park again.

I was surprised to find a lone female Goosander on the main pool.

I soon went through the cafe to the small reserve.Along the main path a Nuthatch showed briefly before flying off.

I headed off to the top end of the reserve hoping the Goldcrests would be showing better than they did last time.They were thank goodness.Cracking birds. 

There were 3 Goosanders on the small pond a male and two females.A third female flew in which was the one presumably from the main pond.

Just as I was thinking of heading home I got involved in a merry dance with a Chiffchaff. Merry dances require energy and stamina things I no longer possess but I'd not yet got a shot of one so far this Spring.The tactics the bird used were to sing high up in a tree then fly a long way off and sing again from another tall tree.It took me half an hour to get some shots and get completely knackered.

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