Saturday, 6 April 2019


The weather was nice Monday but as I couldn't go out till later in the morning so I went to the NT property at Packwood which is just down the road for me.Trouble with this place it doesn't open till 11.00 AM which is a bit late for seeing birds.

Didn't see much as expected but was as I was keen to try out the zoom lens at max. magnification for a change I didn't mind too much (my Leica lens is 100-400 but with a micro 4/3 camera is equivalent to 200-800.

All these shots where of birds a long way off no keepers but nice to get some OK shots with a 800 lens hand held.The Buzzard was two fields away. 

Fed up with staying in for days due to Winter returning I went out Friday morning to a couple of paddock fields near Earlswood to look for Ring Ouzels , Wheatears and Yellow Wagtails.So how did I do then ? Very poorly ! !  Mind you it was cold still very gloomy and pretty windy.

I did get some shots.It was nice to see some Meadow Pipits which I don't see too often these days. 

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