Friday, 12 April 2019


Went out with the camera on Wednesday and Thursday mornings but the only thing I got on both occasions was damn cold.Badly needed the thermals but they are in the family vault on a time lock.

Tried Brueton Park on Wednesday.Not many people nor birds about both put off by the cold.The only bird of note on the main lake was a LBB Gull. 

Right outside the cafe just inside the reserve a  Goldcrest was there to greet me. It did not look too happy.

It was very quiet in the reserve.The Goosanders were not there on the pond and the only shot I took was of another Goldcrest. I soon drove home for a much needed coffee.

It was very sunny Thursday morning so pretty early I drove over to the NT property at Baddesley Clinton. I was surprised to see about a dozen Fieldfare in the field along the main drive. Couldn't get a decent shot as the sun was in my eyes.Never seen any as late as April before. 

Things went downhill from then on.No birds at all round the church and it was very quiet in the main grounds as well.A Goldcrest tried to cheer me up but soon flew off.The lure of a coffee and central heating had me driving home after only a short stay.

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